Saint Lucy Catholic Church - Company Message
My dear friends,

I'd like to extend a very warm welcome to you as you browse our webpages and learn more about this little "jewel" in the "crown" of Highland Beach.  

Whether you "believe" in "organized" religion, nor not, you will find a nonjudgmental, open, caring and joyous community who gather to be with the Lord. YOU are always welcome to join us - for there are no strangers here, just friends who haven't met!

We continue to grow as a community of faith, working through love in a solution-orientated manner, whereby "the answer is always yes - now what's the question!"

Come join us, be part of our family, be part of our faith!


Rev Gerald M. Grace, STL, STD, Pastor
Rev D. Brian Horgan, Ph.D., Assistant
Deacon Lee Levenson,
Permanent Deacon

Ms Maureen Winkler, Bookkeeper

Saint Lucy Catholic Church
3510 S Ocean Blvd
Highland Beach, FL 33487

Phone: (561) 278-1280

"There are no strangers here, 
just friends who haven't met"